I love books. My daughter, who is currently 12, loves books. We also love reading together. Even though she has outgrown the need for it, we still read together almost every evening.

Last weekend, her best friend’s mom asked me for some book ideas to give her daughter some new reading material. We were hosting a book swap that day, so she took a few books with her, and I said I would follow up with more ideas in an e-mail. I did keep my promise and sent her a lengthy e-mail on Monday with lots of possible additions to her daughter’s To Read pile, and which prompted the reply, “you are passionate about books.” As I was writing that e-mail, I thought that it would make a good blog post. Rather than adding it to my current blog, I thought it maybe needed space of its own. So here we are.

My goal is to post reviews of books and series that my daughter reads on her own, and that we read together. In doing so, I hope I can help others find great reads for their own kids. Since I have a daughter, finding books for her that have strong heroines, great messages, and a fun story is my primary goal, but that doesn’t mean that the books won’t be great for boys as well. After all, they need to admire smart, strong, and self-sufficient girls too.

I hope you will join us!


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